Tecnologia holandesa: ” ‘Shiv Jal Dhara’, the second water pyramid in India, was inaugurated on the occasion of Mahashivratri on Monday by former maharaja of Jodhpur Gaj Singh in Roopji Raja ki Beri, a village 125 km from Jodhpur in Barmer district. ( http://www.maharajajodhpur.com/ )

The NGO, Jal Bhagirathi Foundation (JBF) –  http://www.jalbhagirathi.org/  – claimed it to be the country’s first and world’s second pyramid. It said one such structure is functional in Gambia and another is about to start in Gujarat.
Project director of JBF, Kanupriya, said it is a uniquely designed inflated foil structure with 30 meter diameter and 9 meter height, which utilizes solar energy to evaporate brackish ground water and condenses it into a distilled drinking water.
This distilled water is collected in channels inside the pyramid and directed to a ground tank from where it is pumped into the distribution tank, with a capacity of 10000 litres.”

Já agora, e continuando no Rajastão, algo sobre a comunidade dos bishnois, Ver imagem em tamanho grandeprotectores das árvores khejri,



e que sacrificaram as suas vidas num massacre em 1730  

perpretado pelo maharajá local: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishnois 


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