Novo recorde criado por 160 mil…


160 mil pessoas é mais ou menos a população de Braga…                                                                                                                       Mas como Hyderabad tem 7 milhões…

A mass singalong of 160,000 people in the Indian city of Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh, has broken a 72-year-old record for the world’s largest choir.

Participants sang seven religious hymns by “saint-composer” Annamacharya for just under 40 minutes at an event on Sunday. The previous record was set in 1937 by a choir of 60,000 at a contest held in what is now Wroclaw, Poland. (60 mil? ridículo…)

 The massive audience in Hyderabad sang seven compositions by Annamacharya as part of the effort to break the world record. The event was organised by the Andhra Pradesh state cultural council and a non-governmental organisation, Silicon Andhra, to commemorate the 601st anniversary of the birth of Annamacharya, one of the earliest “saint composers” of southern India.

Annamacharya –  Telugu song-writer and Carnatic composer. He is the earliest known musician in South India to compose sankeertanas. He composed numerous songs in praise of Lord Venkateswara, the deity of the Seven Hills in Tirumala (é Vishnu, que remove os pecados dos homens). He is widely regarded as the Pada-kavita Pitaamaha (Grand old man of song-writing) of the Telugu language. The major themes of his songs were spirituality and eroticism (Madhura Bhakthi).

Carnatic music – a system of music associated with the southern part of the Indian subcontinent, with its area roughly confined to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. One of two main sub-genres of India classical music that evolved from ancient Hindu traditions; the other being Hindustani music, which emerged as a distinct form due to Persian and Islamic influences in North India.  

There is only one yoga, and that is bhakthi yoga. All the others, Kriya yoga, hatha yoga, the so-called Sai yoga, pranayama, all the methods and techniques known as yogas belong to the body. They are like drill exercises. Right! Left! Up! Down! Where is the result? They are worthless and a waste of time; Bhakthi yoga is the direct path to God. It is the easy way. All others are useless. There are six types of Bhakthi. Madhura means sweet; this is the highest type.”

Esta é uma citação de  Sathya Sai Baba, que só por si devia valer um post futuro…

O (longo) post sobre ele na wiki tem dois avisos:  ‘Its neutrality is disputed. Its factual accuracy is disputed.’  

Ah, é verdade, o coro de Hyderabad: 

E uma curiosidade: Um destes touros chama-se Nandi.Qual?




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