Enquanto que aqui no blog paralelo ‘714 milhões’ (e digo paralelo porque nunca consigo lá colocar um comentário; aparecem sempre obstáculos intransponíveis) o Constantino fala das comunidades rurais indianas que só vêem helicópteros de 5 em 5 anos, pelas eleições, e mesmo assim são a tecnologia mais sofisticada que conhecem, há aqueles que para guardarem os SEUS próprios helicópteros precisam de construir isto:


O proprietário desta casa de 27 andares, Mukesh Ambani, está como sabem numa onda de não falar com o seu irmão Anil – que, vamos ver, não fica atrás em temos de helicópteros –  desde que ambos herdaram a colossal fortuna do pai. Ver imagem em tamanho real


Pois no outro dia, a 24 de Abril, a capa do  Mumbai Mirror “STONES SABOTAGE AMBANI CHOPPER“, referindo-se a Anil.

A primeira imagem seria a de os Rolling Stones quererem fazer alguma coisa ao tipo, sabe-se lá porquê.  Algum ressentimento resultante da passagem da banda pelo Brabourne Stadium numa noite quente e húmida de Abril de 2003?, não sei… 

Três noites antes disso haviam tocado em Bangalore, onde choveu a cântaros, dando até um DVD, chamado ‘Dripping Away’, a brincar com a canção ‘Slipping Away’. Download disto em: http://shidoobeewithstonesdoug.yuku.com/topic/16957

Bangalore foi um concerto extra, para substituir o concerto cancelado em Pequim, juntamente com os de Hong Kong e Shanghai, por causa da SARS. Os preços dos bilhetes iam das 500 às 2000 rupias (8 a 30 euros).

                                Índia 2- China 0. Start me up…         


Quem estiver interessado em mais: http://www.iorr.org/tour03/mumbai.htm 

e ainda se quiserem ver um pequeno vídeo do concerto de Bangalore:  http://www.iorr.org/talk/read.php?1,1067605,1067816


Mas não, “STONES SABOTAGE AMBANI CHOPPER” é mas é o início de uma complicada novela que promete durar:

ACTO I – Bombaím

Cena 1 – sede da Air Works India Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

     Do site deles:  “Air Works India was founded in 1951 by B. G. Menon and P. S. Menon.  Starting with maintenance and overhaul work on a few Dakota DC-3s, Air Works has since been expanding in the areas of Aviation Maintenance Support, Commercial Aircraft Maintenance and Support and Aircraft Sales and Charter. In November 2007, Air Works attracted two strategic investors to broaden the equity and strategic reach of the Company. The investors include:

  • Global Technology Investment Group, LLC, a New York based Private Equity firm, started in 1996 by Michael P. Schulhof, who is the CEO and General Partner. The company has also invested in GloriOil along with India’s Teri.
  • Punj Lloyd Group, a diversified global conglomerate headquartered in Gurgaon, providing Engineering & Construction services in Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Petrochemicals, and with interests in Defence, Aviation, Marine and Upstream sectors.

As coisas estava a ir mesmo muito bem:  “Air Works today announced that it has received the approval from Director General of Civil Aviation for its Commercial Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operations in Hosur, near Bangalore, India’s first DGCA approved independent airline MRO.” e “Punj Lloyd Ltd has announced on Tuesday that company has secured a contract for civil works for approximately Rs2.64bn from Airports Authority of India in connection with construction of new airport at Pakyong, Sikkim.”

Cena 2 – aeroporto de Santa Cruz

Is somebody trying to sabotage Anil Ambani’s chopper?

 On Thursday, engineers responsible for the maintenance of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group’s helicopter found, much to their shock, pebbles and mud in the oil tank of its gearbox – an occurrence which, if undetected, could have led to a disaster when the Bell 412 took flight.

A complaint filed Friday with the Mumbai police by the helicopter’s pilot, Raghvinder Nath Joshi, said that mechanic Bharat Borge on Thursday found in its engine mud and pebbles that could have downed the craft on its next flight. The helicopter, a Bell 412 owned by a unit of Mr. Ambani’s Reliance ADA Group, had been scheduled to bring Mr. Ambani to work Friday morning.

   O ADAG — in a stronglyworded letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan — alleged a conspiracy by business rivals to murder Anil and demanded a probe.

Cena 3 – perto da passagem de nível de Ville Parle

O corpo de Bharat BorgeVer imagem em tamanho real  descoberto numa linha férrea nos arredores de Bombaím, aparentemente atropelado por um comboio. A polícia disse que foi um suicídio, embora a família esteja certa de homicídio. “He was in the army for 20 years and he was strong, he never got depressed,” Sambhaji Botre, a cousin, told the Press Trust of India news agency. “We don’t believe it is a suicide.”

Ele deixou uma nota:  ‘‘My parents have brought me up with the right values and I would never get involved in any wrong activity. After you questioned me and left, Reliance officials visited me. They asked me some questions but I didn’t tell them anything. One of them took my number and said they would talk to me again the next day. I got scared that I would be ‘used’. I wanted to inform you about the meeting, but when I visited the crime branch office at night, I saw a person being beaten up and that scared me and I came back. Your investigation is proceeding in the right direction and the truth will come out soon.’’ 

Mas, “The Government Railway Police (GRP) on Friday gave a clean chit to three Anil Durubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) officials, including former Maharashtra Director General of Police K K Kashyap, in the alleged suicide of Bharat Borge. Railway Police claim the three officials were not involved in the death of Borge in any way. The three security officials of ADAG had met Borge on the evening of April 27 to thank him. The two other officials are retired assistant commissioner of police Shailesh Kale and retired Wing Commander Pradip Chawla. The ADAG filed a complain alleging that the sabotage was an attempt to kill Ambani. Four employees of Airworks Indian Pvt Ltd, the company that maintained the helicopter, were arrested and two released after questioning.”

Cena 4 – sede da Reliance

“Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group on Wednesday said it has cancelled the maintenance contract of its three choppers with aviation services


provider Airworks Engineering India following the alleged sabotage of one of Ambani’s helicopters. “We have cancelled our MRO contract with Airworks with immediate effect,” Reliance spokesperson said.

Cena 5 – que não tem nada a ver – ou se calhar tem tudo

The Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group on Saturday (hoje!!!)  filed a rejoinder in the Bombay High Court disputing the custom department’s claim that the company had smuggled in a luxury yacht, Tian, through a “sham transaction” to show the vessel as an import to evade duty. The yacht has been confiscated by the customs, which is seeking Rs28 crore in duty. The customs told the court that “it is not a mere procedural lapse but a deliberate move by the ADAG to evade customs duty through a novel modus operandi”. The matter was adjourned and the case is now going to be heard by vacation bench, according to a CNBC-TV18 report. However, the ADAG group does not believe that they it is in troubled waters with regards to this customs case, as the rejoinder says the yacht was never intended to be Indian or registered in India.”

O Tian (Tina+Anil) tem 34 metros e custou 84 milhões de dólares:









Cena 6 – resumo das hipóteses em consideração

1 – Uma vingança de dentro da própria Air Works contra a administração.

2 – Um rival de Ambani, e aí haverá muitos…

3 – Rivalidade entre a Air Work e a competição.


Ver imagem em tamanho real


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