Agora mais a sério…

… e isto sim controverso. Estou aqui num modo de aprender…

É de todo impossível iluminar estes tipos com um pouco de lucidez?:

By Our Special correspondent
Daijiworld Media Network – Panaji
Panaji, Apr 22:
As the Goa University has planned three days programme to commemorate the 35th anniversary of April revolution of Portugal, the freedom fighters in this erstwhile portuguese colony has condemned the act.
The freedom fighters have said that the glorification and celebration of the April revolution in Portugal, which bestowed democracy in that country,  was unwanted.
Goa University’s Portuguese department in association with Instituto Camoes in Panaji has planned three days programme beginning from April 24 to commemorate the event.
“Why should institution like Goa University get associated with celebrations of the things which happened in Portugal? Do we lack in national days? We have so many national days, which are forgotten by the University,” renowned freedom fighter and active member of All Goa Freedom Fighters’ association, Naguesh Karmali, said.
Karmali said that if Portuguese minded and sponsored institutions are holding the functions in Goa, let them have but not the institution like Goa University.
Goa was erstwhile Portuguese colony and was liberated from the colonial rule in 1961 after a long freedom struggle.
“Do we celebrate birthday of British Queen? Or do we celebrate French Revolution? They had also ruled India. We don’t celebrate them because they are not our national days. Why should we pamper Portugal?,” he questioned.
The Goa University has planned the celebration to commemorate april revolution, which is also called as the Carnation Revolution. According to the historians, the event was a left learning military coup started on April 25, 1974 in Lisbon (Portugal).
It changed the Portuguese regime from an authoritarian dictatorship to a democracy after two years of a transitional period characterized by social turmoil and power dispute between left and right wing political forces.
The Goa University has organised a talk on Portutal Throbbing with New heart by an expert Vasco Pinho. The three days event also will be showcasing the documentaries and films.
When contacted Goa University officials stated that the activity has nothing to do with `glorifying Portugal.’ “It’s an activity of Portuguese department.. It’s purely an academic activity,” he added.

Já agora, vejam este mapa tirado do, no link ‘Indian freedom struggle’:


3 Responses to Agora mais a sério…

  1. Sérgio Mascarenhas diz:

    O meu bom amigo Nagesh Karmali continua a fazer das suas… É um tique, nada para levar a sério. A sério!

  2. ken5z9mana diz:

    Conclusão: em Goa usar sempre inglês, concani ou, quando se possa, português. Evitar o comum hindi, “Aap thik hain?”…
    Mas tiques ou não tiques, se calhar é também de o que se lê por aí..
    Na pg 177 da minha edição do ‘The Discoverers’ de Daniel Boorstin (engraçado que como passados 500 anos as equipas em campo são mais ou menos as mesmas):
    “Not many heroes of discovery have the good luck themselves to enjoy the fruits of their discovery. Vasco da Gama was one. His voyage, which finally proved a feasible searoute between West and East, changed the course of both Western and Eastern history. In February 1502 he se out again from Lisbon, this time with a Portuguese squadron to make Calicut into a Portuguese colony. Arriving off the Malabar coast, when he sighted a large dhow carring Muslim pilgrims home from Mecca, he demanded all the treasure on board. When the owners were slow to deliver, the result was recorded by one of his crew.
    “We took a Mecca ship on board of which were 380 men and many more women and children, and we took from it fully 12,000 ducats, and goods worth at least another 10,000. And we burned all the ship and all the people on board with gunpowder, on the first day of October.”
    On October 30, Gama, now off Calicut, ordered the Samuri to surrender, and demanded the expulsion of every Muslim from the city. When the Samuri temporized and sent envoys to negotiate peace, Gama replied without ambiguity. He seized a number of traders and fishermen whom he picked up casually in the harbor. He hanged them at once, then cut up their bodies, and tossed hands, feet, and heads into a boat, which he sent ashore with a message in Arabic suggesting that the Samuri use these pieces of his people to make himself a curry.
    When Gama departed for Lisbon with his cargo of treasure, he left behind in Indian waters five ships commanded by his mother’s brother, the first permanent naval force stationed by Europeans in Asiatic waters.”

  3. alcipe diz:

    Lê o editorial do “Heraldo” e o artigo do Jason Fernandes no “Gomantak Times” no dia seguinte a estas declarações. O blog do Jason é

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