órfãos da guerra fria

Brothers and sisters of the soul unite  / We are one, indivisible and strong
They may try to break us / But they dare not underestimate us    
They know our memories are long / A mass of sleeping villages
But check out our history / So rich and revolutionary
A prophecy / That we will rise again!    

Like springing tigers / We encircle the cities
To the future we will take an oath / High up in the mountains
Deep in the forest / Our home is the undergrowth.

And we must never give up / Until the land is ours
No never give in / ’til we have taken the power.
Because, I am just a naxalite warrior /   Fighting for survival and equality
Policeman beating up me, my brother and my father / My mother crying ’can’t believe this reality’

’cos me a naxalite warrior…..

India’s Naxalite Rage                 

O Hindustan Times tem a história do movimento: http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?id=0b41af48-1ca9-49a1-b064-24843790d6e4&ParentID=a5d3fd46-0c94-448a-99c4-c2f774a625ee&&Headline=History+of+Naxalism , mas a razão por detrás de tudo isto:

“Campaigners say that the reason why the government has opened a new front in this battle lies beneath Chhattisgarh’s fertile soil, which contains some of the country’s richest reserves of iron ore, coal, limestone and bauxite. Above live some of India’s most impoverished people: semi-literate tribes who exist in near destitution.

India’s biggest companies have moved stealthily into the forest areas, buying up land and acquiring the rights to extract the buried wealth. In 2005 the Chhattisgarh government signed deals worth 130bn Indian rupees (£1.6bn) with industrial companies for steel mills and power stations.

The Naxalites have begun a campaign against such industrialisation, which the state sees as necessary to create jobs and provide the raw materials for economic growth.”

“O Ministério indiano do Interior tem outros números para vítimas dos naxalitas:  1996: 156  1997: 428  1998: 270  1999: 363    2000: 50    2001: 100+   2002: 140  2003: 451   2004: 500+  2005: 892  2006: 749   2007: 384   2008: 658 

A BBC afirma que já morreram mais de 6000 pessoas…         

E há ainda este filme: Aparahnam (Fim de Tarde)- 1990, de  M P Sukumaran Nair. Libertado da prisão, um ex-naxalita permanece sob suspeita e não consegue arranjar trabalho. Recusa emigrar para o Golfo e é incomodado pela polícia e pelos seus antigos amigos. Durante a Emergência de Indira Gandhi é novamente encarcerado, e no final tudo o que lhe resta são as memórias dos seus tempos de revolucionário…


2 Responses to órfãos da guerra fria

  1. ken5z9mana diz:

    e ontem foi isto:
    Troops die in India Maoist attack
    At least 10 paramilitary troops have been killed in India’s eastern Orissa state after dozens of Maoist rebels attacked a bauxite mine, police say.
    Four rebels also died in the nine-hour battle in the Panchpatmali area. Police said they had rescued dozens of people trapped by the fighting.
    The rebels wanted to steal explosives from the mine but fled without them, police said.

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