Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone!


Falou-se hoje dos excessos em castigos corporais sobre crianças, que não é decerto um problema exclusivamente indiano…

“Relevant portion of Rule 37 of The Delhi School Education Rules, 1973:

4(a) Corporal punishment maybe given by the head of the school in cases of persisting impertinence or rude behaviour towards the teachers, physical violence, intemperance and serious form of misbehaviour with other students

b) Corporal punishment shall not be inflicted on the students who are in ill health

c) Where corporal punishment is imposed, it shall not be severe or excessive and shall be so administered as not to cause bodily injury

d) Where cane is used for inflicting corporal punishment, such punishment shall take the form of strokes not exceeding 10 on the palm of the hand

e) Every punishment inflicted on a student shall be recorded in the Conduct Register of such student.”

 E este é um de uma colecção de desenhos de crianças indianas, sobre o assunto.


Dois casos concretos:

  • Arpit Kavadia was a class 12 student at the Alok Sansthana School in Udaipur. He was severely beaten by Indra Samar, a teacher, on 26 July, 2007 for having kept his legs on a table. He succumbed to his injuries and died on 2 August, 2007 in General Hospital. The police registered a case against Indra Samar under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.
  • Jagroop Singh was a 15 year old class 10 student at the Senior Secondary School inLudhiana, Punjab. He was severely beaten by his teacher Jatinder Kaur on 12 July, 2002. He later succumbed to his injuries and died. The police had registered an FIR and booked the teacher Jatinder Kaur for murder. The teacher was later arrested on 20 July,2002, granted bail and transferred to Lehal Secondary School in Khanna. The case is still pending in Indian Courts.~

Um blog-primo, indiano, sobre este assunto:          Learn Without Fear blog

O link governamental:  http://www.ncpcr.gov.in/index.htm , e por fim um estudo levado a cabo numa escola em Chennai – http://www.tamilinfoservice.com/manitham/report/corporalpunishmentchennai.pdf

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