más companhias…

emprestaram-me estes dois filmes. Com um  terceiro, chamado D, formam uma espécie de trilogia do submundo de Bombaím…

Satya:The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack cover

“D-Company is a popular name for the criminal organization headed by mafioso Dawood Ibrahim. Other prominent members of the gang include Chhota Shakeel, Tiger Memon and Abu Salem, who is now in the custody of Indian police. It is closely linked to a range of organized criminal and terrorist activities in South Asia, especially in Mumbai, India, and the Persian Gulf region. Several members of the gang are on the “wanted list” of Interpol and Indian police. The reference to “company” in the name of the organization does not signify that it has a separate corporate identity. The organization has a history of rivalry with the Mumbai Police (see Mumbai Encounter Squad) and other underworld dons such as Chota Rajan, Ejaz Lakdawala and Arun Gawli.

There are a number of allegations against the organization, such as that it generates billions of US dollars from illegal business activities around the globe, especially in India. The Indian government also believes that Dawood Ibrahim and his associates fund and support terrorist activities in the country. According to Indian intelligence agencies, such as the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Central Bureau of Investigation, D-Company financed the terrorist bombings in Mumbai which killed 257 people in 1993. It is also alleged that D-Company planned further terrorist attacks in Gujarat following the extensive riots and violence which occurred there in 2002. D-Company is also alleged to run the largest underground business in South Asia. Its operations include arms dealings, drug trafficking, hawala, organized crime and funding of terrorist organizations.

At various times it has been linked to the Bollywood film industry, as well as real estate and betting businesses, from which it is said to derive considerable revenue. The 2002 film Company is based loosely on its activities, as well as its prequel, the 2005 film D.”


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