The Portuguese Empire in Asia, 1500-1700: A political and economic history (Longman, 1993)

The Portuguese Empire in Asia, 1500-1700: A Political and Economic History    sanjay subrahmanyam –  “Portugal, a tiny nation with around a million inhabitants, created a world empire between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries which left vestiges in Africa and Asia as late as the 1970s. To illuminate the Asian dimension of this empire — to show how it came into being and how it changed over time — Dr Subrahmanyam explores the interaction of international and local factors in Europe, Asia and East Africa alike. This is a major contribution to the early modern history of Asia, as well as to the study of European expansion.”

” The main thrust of the book approached the history of the Portuguese empire from a serious attempt to understand the Asian world in its context and transformation. Hitherto, similar histories were more eurocentric and still is in certain quarters. Nor does it look at the empire in isolation from developments at home, a chapter was devoted to the Portuguese state and society  in which Subramanyam humbly asked for forgiveness for its presumptousness (being written by a non-native). The book was also holistic in the sense that it not only provides a flowing chronological narrative and analysis; but includes a static examination of the Portuguese colonial society in Asia .”


e um bom artigo dele Imagecom alguns meses, tal como a barba…:

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